Littleton Area Veterinary Emergency Service


5pm through 8am
Monday throughThursday

5pm Friday to 8am Monday

365 days of the year including holidays

Directions & Phone:

59 West Main Street
Littleton NH 03561

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Toll-Free: 855-265-5533
Phone: 603-444-5533
Fax: 603-444-5525 

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The Littleton Area Veterinary Emergency Service is New Hampshire's North Country area affiliate of CAVES, the emergency veterinary hospital in Concord, NH. Our Littleton branch is a night/holiday/weekend basic veterinary emergency facility that serves the most commonly encountered veterinary emergency needs.

The CAVES central location in Concord, NH serves as our advanced veterinary emergency facility, where more specialized ER and critical care needs can be met. Click here to visit the CAVES website.

CAVES provides highest quality 24/7 emergency and critical care to vets and their clients in the greater Concord, New Hampshire area. As our name implies, we are an emergency facility designed to meet your pet's needs when your regular veterinarian is unavailable. No appointment is necessary although it is helpful for you to call us prior to your arrival so we know to expect you.

Since we work in cooperation with your regular veterinarian, our goal is to stabilize, support, and treat emergency patients until their regular doctor becomes available for transfer.

Prompt veterinary care gives your pet the best chance of a successful outcome and recovery. If you have a question about your pet's health, don't delay care. Here are some indications and situations when you should always seek urgent treatment:

  • Unconsciousness
  • Bleeding in volume, or doesn't stop, or from a body cavity
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Hit by car
  • Seizure or Tremor
  • Unresponsive
  • Lethargic
  • Blue, purple, or pale gums or tongue
  • Cat open-mouth breathing
  • Ingestion of snail bait, rat bait, anti-freeze, pills, medications, vitamins, or any suspect substance

For 24/7 Emergency Veterinary Care in New Hampshire's North Country Call Toll-Free 855-265-5533 or Local 603-444-5533.